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As a business owner, the contracts you enter into with other companies or consumers are some of the most important elements of your business. However, it is also important to maintain contracts with your employees, and these agreements can provide protection for your business while giving employees the assurance that they will be able to maintain their position and receive the agreed-upon wages and benefits. You may also need to create employee handbooks that define your company policies. When creating these contracts and handbooks, you will want to work with a business law attorney to ensure that they are legally valid and enforceable.

At Shakfeh Law LLC, we provide legal help to many different types of businesses, and we can help you draft employment contracts that will meet your needs. Attorney Danya Shakfeh is a small business owner with over 10 years of legal experience, and she can help you understand the best ways to protect your business and lay the foundation for continuing success.

Elements of Employment Contracts

Contracts with your employees will usually identify the parties and other important details about the employee’s position, including their job title and duties. The terms of the contract may include:

  • Compensation – This includes the hourly wages or salary the employee earns, as well as any bonuses or commissions. A contract should also specify the benefits an employee may receive, such as medical insurance or retirement plans.
  • Term of employment – The contract may specify the date employment will begin, and the date it will end if the employee will only be working for a fixed amount of time. It may also specify the days and hours the employee will work or discuss when work can be completed at home or remotely.
  • Paid or unpaid time off – The contract should specify the amount of paid vacation time and/or sick leave an employee may take, as well as the procedures for requesting time off. It should also note any paid holidays when an employee will not be required to work, and it may note whether the employee can receive holiday pay for working on those days.
  • Grounds for termination – The contract can state the circumstances in which either party can terminate employment, as well as the amount of notice required.
  • Confidentiality clauses – A business can protect its trade secrets or other intellectual property by including non-disclosure agreements in the contract that forbid the employee from sharing proprietary information with other parties.
  • Non-compete agreements – These clauses can ensure that an employee will not directly compete against an employer either during their employment or for a period of time after leaving the company.
  • Dispute resolution – The contract can specify how any disputes between the employee and employer will be resolved, including through arbitration or mediation.

Employee Handbooks

Employers will want to be sure employees understand their company policies, and by creating employee handbooks, they can maintain consistency in their employment practices and ensure that all employees are treated fairly. An employee handbook can address:

  • Equal employment opportunity – Company policies can ensure that workers are protected from discrimination and that reasonable accommodations are made for those with disabilities or health concerns.
  • Leave – A handbook can specify when an employee may take a leave of absence, and it can ensure that company policies follow the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  • Workplace safety – Company policies can promote the safety of employees by ensuring they take the proper measures when conducting dangerous activities, prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving during the course of employment, or setting rules regarding weapons in the workplace.
  • Employee expectations – This may include dress codes and policies regarding employee conduct, including the use of internet or cell phones, restrictions on smoking in the office, how breaks will be handled, alcohol or drug use, and resolution of conflict between employees. 

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